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You Are Probably Overpaying for Auto Insurance

Are you aware that an estimated 88% of [geoip_detect2 property=”mostSpecificSubdivision”] citizens are overpaying for their auto insurance? Most people don’t realize this, but the fact is that your insurer might literally be taking you for a ride. Read on to find out how you can save up to 43% off your current insurance plan. Due to the ambiguity of how auto insurance policies are calculated, most insurance companies out there are simply taking advantage of drivers. If you’re paying over $36 for auto insurance on a monthly basis, you might be in for a big surprise…

Here’s a little known fact that you need to be aware of: auto insurance companies in West Virginia are not obligated by law to tell you about certain discounts you might be eligible for, but they are obligated to offer you these large discounts if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • You are currently insured
  • You haven’t received a ticket in the past 2 years
  • You haven’t had any major accidents in the past 2 years
  • You have no DUI incidents on record
  • You live in a qualified zip code

So why are insurance companies hiding these discounts from you?

Well, it’s not necessarily the companies’ fault, as much as it is that of some agents across West Virginia, who get paid by commission for every policy they close – so naturally, their motivation is for you to pay a larger sum, so that they get a bigger bonus. However, what you need to know is that not all agents and insurers are bad. This is what we focus on here: helping you to compare quotes so that you can find the absolute best insurance plan for you.

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The difference between working with a “bad” agent and a good one might shock you. Take one of our long term customers, Michael, for example:

Michael was paying $134 per month for his Ford F-150 and while that sum felt pretty big, he always just assumed it was typical. However, once he started going through our price comparison system, he learned he was eligible for rates between $59 and $89 per month, a fraction of what he was paying.

Right now he’s insured with a new company, having the same benefits as before, but he’s saving close to $1,000 per year! The “secret” was, of course, comparing prices and getting quotes from as many of our recommended agents as possible. Take advantage of our quote comparison engine by clicking the button below.

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Remember that you can change your insurance policy at any time and you can get a refund of your current policy when you find a better offer. You are NEVER LOCKED IN, regardless of when you’ve started your policy. .

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