QuickenLoans.com Review

  • March 16, 2018


Quicken loans (found at quickenloans.com) is America’s largest online lender. They are an online company that’s been around for almost three decades. According to their website, they’ve been ranked “highest in Customer Satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination” in the U.S. for three years in a row. What that basically means, is that they’re a company that helps you find loans for your home and manage your mortgages.

How Do They Help Me Find A Loan Or Deal With My Mortgage?

Good question! They have a step by step process laid out for you on their website. It’s a simple five-step process that begins with applying.

  • During your application process, they help you figure out what kind of mortgage or loan you’re looking for. This step is also the one where you meet your personal home loan expert, who is the individual you’ll be working with throughout the process and will have access to at any point should questions arise.
  • Then they review your credit, which allows them to figure out what kind of mortgage or loan you can actually get that also best fits with your goals.
  • After that, you then create an account with them. This grants you access to a personal loan website, a good faith estimate on your loan, as well as access to their MyQL Mobile app (which is available for iPhones® and Androids™).
  • Next, they verify all of your information and appraise your property.
  • Once everything is verified and appraised and you are happy with the loan or mortgage they have written up, it’s time for the closing!

The best part of this is you get to tell them where to meet you. You want them to meet you at your favorite little hang out? That tea shop that serves that perfect de-stressing peppermint tea? They’ll do it. They also get in touch at intervals with tips and deals that you might be interested in, but really, let’s be honest; the ability to sign some papers while munching on your favorite snack is certainly an added benefit.

So, Is This For Me?

If you’re looking for a home loan or for a mortgage, this is certainly a way to go. Quicken Loans is highly ranked when it comes to customer satisfaction. Their process seems easy and understandable, and their website has a very user friendly feel to it. They poke fun at themselves a bit and they have glowing testimonials. They also have numerous online tools, even outside their MyQL Mobile app (which I think is pretty nifty), such as online chats and predominately online documentation help. In short, if you’re a relatively busy person that frankly doesn’t have time to go to a home loan office in person and try to gather all those documents in one day, this does offer a more flexible time option. If you need to submit them at two in the morning, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for!





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